Job Searching

Job Searching Tracking Log

Why could Job Tracker be valuable to you?

  • It will save you time that you can focus on other more important activities.
  • It reduces the overwhelming stress that comes naturally with the overall job search.
  • It will keep you organized.
  • It will make it easier to apply to more job positions than you could otherwise.
  • It will help you maintain a professional appearance with multiple employers.
  • It can be easily and quickly customized, edited and updated. We have used this Organizer in our own efforts and we wouldn’t conduct a job or internship search again without it.

Tracking your job search is the type of activity that appeals to project managers and just about anyone else who wants to be organized and in control. Keeping everything in one place makes it easier to see progress and outcomes, and helps you appear more professional.

Take the normal situation job hunters face. Your resume should change slightly for each vacancy you seek. You will apply for positions through job boards, agencies, websites, directly with employers and through your personal network. You’ll most likely upload resumes to job database websites and brush up your LinkedIn profile. Before you know it you will have many versions of your resume scattered about in different places, each emphasizing separate skills, experiences and interests.

Now, imagine this scenario. You receive a call from an agent. They’re interested in your application and want to talk to you, immediately. Which vacancy is this? Which resume did you use? Time is of the essence. They have to send your details to the hiring organization today. Why are you good for this position? Are you prepared to sell yourself? Or are you fumbling around, trying to work out what’s going on? Searching for a job can sometime be stressful but add on to it is the unemployment that is more stress on yourself. You want them to see you as organized and well thought out. Job Search Log for free.

Keeping good records of your job search activities when seeking a new job anytime, but especially if you are receiving unemployment benefits, cannot be overly emphasized. Your unemployment office will request verification of the job search activities that you have undertaken in searching for a job. Keep good records so that you will be prepared to provide the required proof when it is requested.

Be sure you have a clear, easy to read record, to provide to your state unemployment office when they ask you for it. If you cannot provide a record of your activities there is a good chance you may lose your benefits, so take the time and care to keep a good record. Keeping your records current and complete will make it easier to provide that job search record when it is requested.

Be sure to include enough information in your records so that you can read it yourself and understand it. If you cannot make sense of your notes and records, it is unlikely anyone else will be able to either, so make sure they are clear and neat.

Other Free log so those are my favorites. Some services that are free are

Jibber free lifetime membership

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