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Job Searching Tracking Log

Why could Job Tracker be valuable to you? It will save you time that you can focus on other more important activities. It reduces the overwhelming stress that comes naturally with the overall job search. It will keep you organized. It will make it easier to apply to more job positions than you could otherwise.… Continue reading Job Searching Tracking Log

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My News Year’s Resolutions 2013

This is so afar, what I have done in my Life: · I have never taking what I want, because people say it is not right for a lady to do that let the man be the leader · Be married to the wrong person · I Have lived for other people and now I… Continue reading My News Year’s Resolutions 2013


Count your blessings

         I always try to remember to count my blessing specailly when life gets really hard. Like when I want to throw in the towel and say I can do it tomorrow or later.          But sometimes I do forget and then I do try to remind myself of the blessings and be thankful for… Continue reading Count your blessings

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A Time for Everything Prayer

(Inspired by Ecclesiastes 3:1) There is a time for everything in my world, and a time for everything that happens to me.   A time to wake, and a time to sleepA time to create, and a time to destroyA time to speak, and a time to listenA time to live, and a time to… Continue reading A Time for Everything Prayer


Job Hunt

            There is one job I appled for and over 200 people applied for it. I hoping they pick me. I really tired of applying for all these jobs and i don’t hear back.


Thoughts of Family and Friends

            Lately I have been thinking about this past year with family and friends. So many changes in our relationships and also in our health too. My grandpa was diagnose with bone cancer this fall.             I lost someone that i thought was going to be around the family. But since that door closed other one open… Continue reading Thoughts of Family and Friends


My 2012 thought

            If the world were going to end on December 21, 2012, i would spend my last of days on earth with family, friends and loved ones. I would make all good memories with them. If i had someone special i would not what to leave their arms. Thats my thoughts on December 21, 2012.



            I am grateful for my life, my real friends, my family and the man I love. I am also grateful for the everyday happiness that happens to me and  the people that i love and care about. no its not Jp (Jean Paul aka john paul). JP and i are done.


Emotional Abuse

            I thought when i left my ex-husband all the abuse was going to stop, but today i was completely blindside and wrong. I felt two people who i care about me completely bullshit me. I have been dealing with both my uncle and boyfriend, but today has been my breaking point.             Dennis did… Continue reading Emotional Abuse


Walking with a friend

            Jennifer Seaman and I are walking hiking trails. Well the walks have been fun and we are lossing the weight. That is the big update. So far i haven’t seen the differents in my weight but i will give the update soon.