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Life Is

            I like my new life without my ex-husband in it. I don’t have to fight everyday with him and hear also everyday from him saying, “I just might stop by the courthouse and get divorce papers today, becasue I am tired of you being married to me." So now I’m going to try to… Continue reading Life Is

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Time To Myself

            I am getting sometime for myself today. So I planned on doing the things that I needed to do in my life today. So I’m taking time to myself today. I am going to try to love myslef more and try not to care what everyone else wants or needs around me.


Meant To Be

            A good friend of mine was in a car crash yesterday. And I am so happy that he made it out of that car & was unhurt and not killed or anything like that. I couldn’t bear if anything happening to him because I truly care about him and love him too. God I know… Continue reading Meant To Be

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Summary Dissolution

Ramirez, Daniel Petitioner Daniel Ramirez And Jennifer Ramirez Summary Dissolution D318967 11/7/2006Ramirez, Jennifer Petitioner Daniel Ramirez And Jennifer Ramirez Summary Dissolution D318967 11/7/2006 http://www.ventura.courts.ca.gov/civcase/casereport.asp?CASE_TYPE=D&CASE_NUMBER=318967             I finely found it on the Ventura Country Court House Online Yesterday. So I wanted everyone to know about it. And the Dirovice becomes finalize on May 8, 2007 or… Continue reading Summary Dissolution



            When I say I love you to someone else It means so much more than what I am saying. That is who I have always I love you. I don’t say I love you for nothing, because it is not just a word it has meaning and it also can hurts the other person… Continue reading Loving


Learning Again

            Learning that My hope is keep me moving on with my life without some people who have hurt me the most in my life. And that I will not let them continue to hurt me if I don’t let them have the power do it anymore. So I am going to move on with… Continue reading Learning Again

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I’m so Scared

            Something I am so scared and afraid of moving on with the my rest of my life without my exhusband, because I am thinking of so many thoughts are going inside my of my head. I don’t want someone to ever hurt me like my ex did. But I did get to talk to… Continue reading I’m so Scared


I Forgive You

            I am also forgiving some people too that have hurt me in the past. They are as follows: Jennifer Lathem-Ramirez (Me); Daniel Ramirez; Daniel’s New Partner; Juanita Martinez; Juan Martinez; Zanuya Martinez; Jesus Martinez; Maria Martinez; Jose Ramirez; Justin Porrima; Agnes Frederick; James Poremba; Jeanelle Poremba; Katie Kanster; Lillie Bell Lathem; Maria Sanchez; David… Continue reading I Forgive You

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How to Heal a Broken Heart

By Emily Battaglia, LifeScript Staff Writer Wednesday, November 1,2006 Whoever wrote the lyrics to“Breaking up is hard to do” was right on the money. Unfortunately, theodds are not in your favor when it comes to experiencing a breakup. Infact, most of us will experience a heart-breaking breakup sometime inour lives. And although no one can… Continue reading How to Heal a Broken Heart

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Learn the hard Way

        He anyways said to me “I just might stop by the courthouse and get divorce papers today” and that alway hurt when he did that day in and day out. But now I know that he was never ment to be married to one person. And he is not the married person type.