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This is only the business side of my life for this new journal.

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Mary Kay and PCOS

      I am so thankful for my Mary Kay business; because it has brought to me girlfriends and some are like family to me. In addition the friendship blessing is continues to grow. I love the fact Mary Kay Ash create this company and it has brought so many other blessing to my life and that… Continue reading Mary Kay and PCOS

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My I Story

I have been with Mary Kay for over two years now. If you would have told me two ago, I would be doing this I would say “No way, I don't have time, I don't know how, I don't know people and I don’t have the self-confidence in myself.” All I want was my Satin… Continue reading My I Story

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I will bee post the organizing that I did to my Mary Kay office and the rest I did.

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I am happy to be back to meeting on Monday nights and i am not going to miss them for anything.

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My Team

I’m grateful to the people that are on my Mary Kay team

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Mary Kay Time 2

Working on organizing paperwork for Mary Kay done final my office look awesome.


Mary Kay

It feels great to do things for Mary kay like my face that could include make up Or skincare