My marriage to Daniel Ramirez is over and I can beginning my new life. I now i would like to get remarried, but i hope that someone doesn’t lie to me.

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Life Is

            I like my new life without my ex-husband in it. I don’t have to fight everyday with him and hear also everyday from him saying, “I just might stop by the courthouse and get divorce papers today, becasue I am tired of you being married to me." So now I’m going to try to… Continue reading Life Is

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Summary Dissolution

Ramirez, Daniel Petitioner Daniel Ramirez And Jennifer Ramirez Summary Dissolution D318967 11/7/2006Ramirez, Jennifer Petitioner Daniel Ramirez And Jennifer Ramirez Summary Dissolution D318967 11/7/2006             I finely found it on the Ventura Country Court House Online Yesterday. So I wanted everyone to know about it. And the Dirovice becomes finalize on May 8, 2007 or… Continue reading Summary Dissolution

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I’m so Scared

            Something I am so scared and afraid of moving on with the my rest of my life without my exhusband, because I am thinking of so many thoughts are going inside my of my head. I don’t want someone to ever hurt me like my ex did. But I did get to talk to… Continue reading I’m so Scared

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Learn the hard Way

        He anyways said to me “I just might stop by the courthouse and get divorce papers today” and that alway hurt when he did that day in and day out. But now I know that he was never ment to be married to one person. And he is not the married person type.

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Begin Lied To

            I feel that my ex-husband lied to me for a long time about everything and was hardly honesty with me and plus he never kept his word. And I now honesty, dislike him a whole lot more than before in our whole relationship.  


The Letter

        I wrote a letter to my ex husband a long time ago and gave it to him and it said: "Dated February 13, 2006 To My Daniel, You made me who I’m today. And that is a part I would never change that for any thing in the world. And I thank you for… Continue reading The Letter


Leaving Daniel

        I’m finely leaving my husband and it is not for another man. It is because he hit me and then choked me last night and I need this to be over and move on with my life. And plus our marriage has been dead for a long time. I’m not in love with this… Continue reading Leaving Daniel


Upset With Daniel

        I’m so upset and mad at Daniel, because he said go find someone else for today before I went to bed last night and that is how we left our conversation between us last night. I now know that my marriage is over for a month now and it is going to end real… Continue reading Upset With Daniel


Very Happy

        I’m going to a family Member’s wedding in September. And i get to see a lot of people that i have not seen in a long time since I have been married to my husband Daniel. That is the one thing that make me happy is to see everyone again. I am not letting… Continue reading Very Happy