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We all have challenges in weight-loss sometime friends support us and then they don’t. Why I use the stairs as a metaphor in challenges is I don’t let those challenges get in my way anymore. I take my challenges head-on. PCOS was a challenge at first I didn’t want to take it head-on alone but… Continue reading Weight-loss

LiveJournal · Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Endometriosis Journey

100 day challenge

Join us for the 100 day challenge! Starting today, be purposeful in doing the same thing everyday for 100 days! (exercise, journal, pray, etc…) Mandy will be video blogging her journey here (starting later today.) Are you up for the challenge? Let us know what you are going to do here!! Over the next 100… Continue reading 100 day challenge


Had fun

       I had fun with family today in the valley. I also got to see my grandmas old home looks so different. Everything has change in my old neiburhood. I will post pics on my facebook and if you are friend you can see it.  It was great to see them. I miss them and… Continue reading Had fun



            I have not dated someone in three years since Daniel and really I forgot how to go on dates. But i am not giving up. I think this is the only way i can meet someone.

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Time To Myself

            I am getting sometime for myself today. So I planned on doing the things that I needed to do in my life today. So I’m taking time to myself today. I am going to try to love myslef more and try not to care what everyone else wants or needs around me.



            When I say I love you to someone else It means so much more than what I am saying. That is who I have always I love you. I don’t say I love you for nothing, because it is not just a word it has meaning and it also can hurts the other person… Continue reading Loving


Move One WIth Life

            I know in my heart and minded I will be okay and find that perfect man that is for me and move on from the experince beening the better and smarter person than before.


Not A Great Life

        The person who I care about probably lives so far away from me. That hurts me to know that person is far away and that person is not next to me. Today, I got to stay home from work and I watch TV all day. And my tooth feels great now it is not… Continue reading Not A Great Life