Prayer Candle Lighting For Haylee

My sister did this for our cousin.



                   My pappap(Grandpa) passed away today. I truly miss him and I know hes not in pain. He wasn’t just my grandpa hes like a father.


Remembering Agnes

   Today we are buring grandma agie. I am really going to miss her smile and the laugher that she alway brought with her. I am chosening to remember the good time and not the recent months that she has been in pain. We all love you and miss you. Losing someone is… never easy.… Continue reading Remembering Agnes

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My Dad Birthday

          Today would have been my father’s birthday, but he was taking away from us August 31, 2001. I buried him at age 50 1/2 years old and I was only 17 years old. The picture our last family photo.


Hardest To Face

         It has been the hardest year for me to face. It has gotten a lot better for me now. But before it was hell for me. I still need a lot of prayers.   When I was a Baby   Before He pass away   My Adopted Parents


Jennifer Bonds

         She was only 14 years old, she was the most popular girl in school, and I was surprised to hear of her death. She was killed while jogging along a roadway near Camarillo in December. This one road many people have been hit and I hope they will do something about it.


My Families Sadest Day Ever

         Today has been the hardest day of my life. I had the memory service for my dad George. From now on reading this Journal My birth parents are called George and Christina Lathem. It was the hard it’s for most my family too. He was loved by everyone. And we will never forget you.… Continue reading My Families Sadest Day Ever


Family Friend

         We as a family have lost some of our friends today. They past away today from the airplanes hitting the twin towers. We will never forgot this September 11, 2001 because a lot of people pass away.


My Daddy

         My dad pass away today. This is so hard I miss him so much. I know in my hear that i will get though this. I also can’t believe a woman that i look up to has be gone 4 years now. So tonight Diana, Princess of Wales and My father I will light… Continue reading My Daddy


Losing My Loved One

         I just lost my great-grandma. I miss her so much and i love her. God please make this easy on me and my family. She is buried along side my great-grandpa Hyde somewhere is Southern California. We are having her funeral on December 31, 1998   "Life is what happens to you while you’re… Continue reading Losing My Loved One