Had fun

       I had fun with family today in the valley. I also got to see my grandmas old home looks so different. Everything has change in my old neiburhood. I will post pics on my facebook and if you are friend you can see it.  It was great to see them. I miss them and… Continue reading Had fun



            I am running around doing things for my family. Later on i am doing something for me. Besides that I am thankful for my family and friends and my health. I am still looking for work but in this job market its a compies market not the job seeker…  I also got to see… Continue reading Thankful



            He thinks that everyone should wait on him hand and foot. The first day nana left he asked what was for dinner. Next day he thinks I am going to do his damn dirty dishes. And that his what was doing until Saturday. In between those time he left the stick out of the… Continue reading Dennis

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My Dad Birthday

          Today would have been my father’s birthday, but he was taking away from us August 31, 2001. I buried him at age 50 1/2 years old and I was only 17 years old. The picture our last family photo.



        I got to see a lot of my family that I haven’t seen for a long time. I also got to reconnected with some family members too. My parents are great below here are some snap shots. I am giving my grandparents my camera and necklace. After this wedding in my family i know… Continue reading Wedding


Very Happy

        I’m going to a family Member’s wedding in September. And i get to see a lot of people that i have not seen in a long time since I have been married to my husband Daniel. That is the one thing that make me happy is to see everyone again. I am not letting… Continue reading Very Happy


Hardest To Face

         It has been the hardest year for me to face. It has gotten a lot better for me now. But before it was hell for me. I still need a lot of prayers.   When I was a Baby   Before He pass away   My Adopted Parents

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Someday Soon

         I love my nana and pappap that I live with. I love them both with all my heart, but I hope someday they will respect and support me on my choices in life. If not i know everyone has there own things, believes and feelings.


Life Without Loved Ones

         My life without my great-grandma and father is hard. Sometimes I have cry my self to sleep. I really know that wouldn’t approve of me doing that. It is getting easier with time. I keep pray that is will be easier for me and my family.


Trying To Call Kenny Dad

         I am starting to call Kenny Dad. It was very hard for me at this point in time for me to call him dad. I hope it gets easy in time. It should. But all i can do is pray that is does go easy.