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Hello thank you for coming to My Business Inspired Journal. I promote two businesses LegalShield and Mary Kay. They are both about helping people and making a difference in peoples lives. I started Mary Kay in 2012 and following 3 years later I started with LegalShield.

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Mary Kay and PCOS

      I am so thankful for my Mary Kay business; because it has brought to me girlfriends and some are like family to me. In addition the friendship blessing is continues to grow. I love the fact Mary Kay Ash create this company and it has brought so many other blessing to my life and that… Continue reading Mary Kay and PCOS

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Mary Kay

I love my Mary Kay business so much. It has help me over the years when I started and it just keeps on giving blessing to me. I am so happy that I have done this for myself even if some people haven’t supported me.

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My I Story

I have been with Mary Kay for over two years now. If you would have told me two ago, I would be doing this I would say “No way, I don't have time, I don't know how, I don't know people and I don’t have the self-confidence in myself.” All I want was my Satin… Continue reading My I Story

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I will bee post the organizing that I did to my Mary Kay office and the rest I did.

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I am happy to be back to meeting on Monday nights and i am not going to miss them for anything.

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My Team

I’m grateful to the people that are on my Mary Kay team

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I feel that I have more of my stress under Control. And it feels great. I’m planning to focus my time and effort in Business.

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Clients in Mary-Kay sometimes turn into team members and that’s how I can build my business. That’s always a happy customer is always the first priority.

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Building my business now is my next goal.