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I’m Thankful For for 2014….

1. I am thankful for Family- it’s an obvious place to start for most of us in any “I’m thankful for” exercise. Whether they’re coming to us or we’re going to them, family. Their support and legacy of love, Good or bad, your family life helped inform what you value most in relationships and for… Continue reading I’m Thankful For for 2014….



The hundred day challenge is over I will be posting pictures of the organization in the clean that I did do. I have kept up Reading, training based twice a day, positive thinking, saving up money but the hardest one is the exercise but I’m to work on it.

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My I Story

I have been with Mary Kay for over two years now. If you would have told me two ago, I would be doing this I would say “No way, I don't have time, I don't know how, I don't know people and I don’t have the self-confidence in myself.” All I want was my Satin… Continue reading My I Story

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I will bee post the organizing that I did to my Mary Kay office and the rest I did.

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I am happy to be back to meeting on Monday nights and i am not going to miss them for anything.

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My Team

I’m grateful to the people that are on my Mary Kay team



I am happy to have my job and my family and friends



They are happy where i am headed with my heath

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100 day challenge

Now that this 100 day challenge that air1 did is almost over I will still be post some public ones but it will have to do with PCOS and my Journey with it.



I didn’t think i could see myself getting down to lower past 180 and now i am at 170.