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I have been with Mary Kay for over two years now. If you would have told me two ago, I would be doing this I would say “No way, I don't have time, I don't know how, I don't know people and I don’t have the self-confidence in myself.” All I want was my Satin Hands set. I knew about Satin Hands before that party because I got it though a friend of my ex. I was looking for someone to buy the Satin Hands from now on.
When Keely, my pastor wife said “Let’s do a free Mary Kay Facial party, especially you have never been to one.” I said “sure,” and I was thinking I am just going to get my Satin Hands set and after that be on my way, but I didn’t thinking it was change my life.
After we did the Facial Party and it was over, I felt pretty, beautiful and truly happy with my skin. I never felt that way before with Pro-Active, Meaningful Beauty, or Bare Minerals. Then I found out I could save 50% off my order if I became an Independent Beauty Consultant. I knew I loved saving money, but I needed to think about it, pray on it and sleep on it. So I walked away with my skin care, my satin hands, and satin lips all in a roll up bag. In addition I called Pro-Active, Meaningful Beauty to cancel them that night and got my money back, because an order was coming out that night.
A few days later after my birthday in August 2012, I start my business as a Mary Kay Independent beauty consultant. A few months after I joined, I got my first team member and then I knew this was right for me and I am very happy that I gave myself that birthday gift.
I am now currently working on building my customer base and my team members along with getting my red jacket that I already have picked out.
I still have another full-time job that I am a quality inspector for. Along with going to school part-time, but I found my passion in life and that is inside Mary Kay.
In 2014 I had a set back, I diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. The doctors had me take a break in Mary Kay for a couple of months until my body got used to the medication and the symptoms that come along with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

The eight blessings that I love that come from Mary Kay are as the following:
1. The idea of putting faith first, family second and your career third is great and you don't get that with a lot of other companies or jobs you only get with Mary Kay.
2. Being able to help people in my life.
3. Helping women and children though the Mary Kay foundation for cancer of women and to stop domestic violence and the love is respect texting service.
4. To be able to rebuild my self-confidence.
5. Having my own business that was my goal in life because people that loved me and cared for me, they had their own business and I wanted that in life too.
6. Spend time with girlfriends and loving what I am doing.
7. Taking time off if you need too and having a job when I get back.
8. The most favorite thing of them all is making money and having fun doing it.

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