Emotional Abuse

            I thought when i left my ex-husband all the abuse was going to stop, but today i was completely
blindside and wrong. I felt two people who i care about me completely bullshit me. I have been dealing with both my uncle and boyfriend, but today has been my breaking point.
            Dennis did the worst of worst he has ever done he belittle me and made me feel dumb and said my ideas don’t even matter and then said i am no good. This happens everyday and he does this to get own mom too and step father, but today i had enough and i stood up to him.
            I just wish he would move out and living somewhere else or change into a better man. I am done trusting him and i dislike the man and he has over stayed his visit here. He also think yelling is saying sorry to someone. He is 56 years old and it time for him to grow up.
            Right now the current boyfriend thinks is okay that he see his ex every weekend and spending all of his time with his so called friends every chance he gets. He makes plans with me just to cancel on me. He also has put me down for the car i want to get someday and told me he would break up with me. I have seen the side of him i don’t want to live with. Honesty this relationship is over and i don’t know if i can be friend with someone like him, but we will see. And if it does is going to take time.
            It took me three years to get over what Daniel Ramirez did to me. all of his mistreated to me and it is not going to happen again of three of putting my life back together. These people aren’t going to try to ruin everything i am working for.

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