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Numbers on Men with Valentine’s Day

This 2006 survey of 500 married men and 500 single men in Orange and Los Angeles counties suggests that most men are not best buddies with Cupid.

91percent of married men said Valentine’s Day was their least favorite holiday due to the pressure of topping what they did the previous year.

94percent of married men said any money spent on this day is a waste.

4percent of married men said they feel the holiday is intended for men.

97percent of married men said they plan what they’re going to do the weekend before the holiday.

99percent of single men said it’s just another day.

97percent of single men said it was their least favorite holiday.

86percent of single men said they will go out and try to find single women who are out as well.

89percent of single men could not remember what they did the previous Valentine’s Day.


Here are some statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau:

34 single men age 65 or older exist for every 100 single women of the same ages.

72 percent of men and women ages 30 to 34 in 2005 have been married at some point in their lives.

119 single men (never married, widowed or divorced) in their 20s exist for every 100 single women of the same ages.

21 places in the United States contain "rose" — the long-stemmed, long-standing symbol for love. Rose Hill, Va., is the most populous, with more than 15,000 residents.

904 dating service establishments existed nationwide in 2002. These establishments, which include Internet dating services, employed nearly 4,300 people and pulled in $489 million in revenues.


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