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How to Treat a Woman

Basically, women like lots of attention and loving. They want a person to whom they can relate. They want to be able to discuss future plans and problems they might be having.

* Steps *

1. Be compassionate and understanding – women like men who are compassionate and understanding, someone who always cares. A woman wants to be able to say in her mind, "Oh what a nice guy." A woman wants a man to tell her often how important she is to him and to show her that in his actions and thoughtfulness. Flowers, a gift, a card, or even just a phone call are an extra touch that tell her she matters.

2. Be polite and complimentary – women like to hear "please" and "thank you". They like it when men open doors and pull out chairs for them. Always compliment a woman. Tell her she is gorgeous, beautiful, pretty and that she has lovely eyes. Just telling her she is wonderful often helps and thanking her for everything she does for you. In addition, recognize that there is more to her than the physical aspect. Respect for her thoughts and opinions and recognition of her intelligence and strong points is paramount to her knowing she is seen as a total person. Find something unique about her that no one has ever told her about.

3. Be a good communicator – Listen to her, hear her out, give eye contact to let her know you are giving full attention. However, you also need to open up and tell her your thoughts, opinions and problems. The communication must be mutual not one-sided. Help give ideas about possible solutions to problems, but praise her if she finds something other than what you suggest.

4. For ongoing relationships, just a word of advice – men, give your woman the attention and caring she deserves. Sex is always secondary–the friendship, communication, and respect are the most important aspects to any relationship between a man and a woman.

* Tips *

* Whenever giving compliments, look the woman straight in the eye.

* Always remember special events – birthdays, Valentines, etc.

* Remember, have a nice smile and be polite.

* Never initiate anything physical unless you have consent from the woman.

* On the other hand, if you’re in a relationship, don’t leave sexuality completely up to the woman. If you feel like the time is right, gently let her know how you feel. If she doesn’t want it, she’ll let you know, and if she says no, listen the first time.

* Tell her she is beautiful, not hot. Pretty and hot have their place, but beautiful goes right to the heart.

* Warnings *

* Treating a woman well is one thing, sacrificing your self-respect and dignity is another. There is no such thing as treating someone "too well" as long as you maintain a sense of self and your own values. But if you communicate your feelings about your own self-respect and dignity, it will help you maintain your own image.

* Don’t exaggerate on compliments and don’t try to be with her all the time, or she will think you are very annoying.

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