It is time to leave the past behind

            Today’s thoughts going here once I had some sleep as I have been up all night thinking about the past and even more about the future. Yep you’re on my and in my mind baby. Right well it’s now 11:00am, someone once told me its time to forget the past and look to the future and well! Today is that day. Over the last 3 weeks, I had many hard decisions to make and it’s not been easy for me. I’m lucky I have such good friends a family that have been behind me 100% and an old friend that has got me thru possibly the hardest decisions of them all, my divorce and do I let my heart trust again. There was a point where I was so scared of having my divorce I had thought about canceling, but in his own very special way he was able to keep my mind on the goal and get this divorce. God honey how do you do what you’re doing to me. "you are one in a million in a one to me" He’s thoughtful, caring, kind, smart, handsome, sexy damn i could go on for ever… He has giving me hope when I had no hope inside and I just want to thank you…

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