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The sound of abuse…

The sound of abuse…
Written By Maggi Smith

Dishes breaking, fists are shaking.
Children crying, mother’s denying.
You her the yelling, but aren’t telling
About the sound of abuse from behind the door.

You hear brother crying that the baby’s dying
You hear sister screaming, but pretend you’re dreaming.
You know that mother’s drinking to keep from thinking
Of her children lying bruised upon the floor.

You hear the screams, you hear the shouts
You hear the abuse, there is no doubt.
You’ve seen the bruises, you’ve seen the blood
You’re afraid to tell, though you know you should.

You hear mother scream “I want you gone!”
You hear brother yell “I’ve got the gun!”
He’s scared, but pulls the trigger in spite,
The sound still echoes from that night.

This could have ended differently
If you had told the authorities
About all the things you saw and heard,
But no, you never said a word.

Now brother’s crying while testifying,
Poor sister’s in the loony bin,
The baby’s dead
And mothers head feels as if it’s caving in.

They did what they had to do
Because they had no help from you.
The sound of abuse from behind the door
Will not be heard there anymore.

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