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Broken Heart

How do i mend this broken heart, where do i begin, where do i start?
This pain that i feel, is surrounding my soul, consumed by my sorrow,
I’m no longer whole.
My smile has gone and may never return,
to hold you once more is all that i yearn,
to heal this hurt claims an ocean of tears, and a lifetime of living through tomorrow’s years.
How do i live with this broken heart, do i pick up its pieces and begin a new start, or do i choose to live in my memory’s world, without love and happiness so quickly unfurls? Do i allow my heart to know love once again, or protect it from pain, wearing armor within? Oh how my heart hurts, this pain is so real, no words can define this sorrow i feel. I pray for the dawning to bring a new day, and an ease to my sadness is all that i pray. Let the brightness of light shine through with its goal, as i hope for a healing of my darkened soul. As tears fill my eyes, your picture i touch, and whisper, "my darling, i still love you so much", "may you always be happy wherever you are", "and i will love you always, although now…from afar".
Copyright © Jennifer Lathem

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